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⚡️Group Training Classes

Unlimited 30 minute group fitness training classes designed to help build muscle & strength while dropping body fat in the shortest time possible! 

Monday 5AM/10AM/3:30PM/6PM

Tuesday 5AM/10AM/3:30PM/6PM

Wednesday 5AM/10AM/3:30PM/6PM

Thursday  5AM/10AM/3:30PM/6PM

Friday 5AM/10AM/3:30PM/6PM

⚡️Nutrition Guidance

Set effective macro targets based on your goals & lifestyle!

⚡️Accountability and Support

No, we will not shame or punish you for eating cake and cookies! NOT OUR STYLE! Actually it is quite the opposite! Your trainer will hold you accountable but  also support you through the tough times! We encourage you to eat the foods you want! My goal is for you to find your own personal process to sustainable health, fitness, & happiness which will include delish, yet "not so healthy' foods on occasion!  

⚡️Injury Prevention and Recovery

-This will start with the initial consultation & assessment where we will discuss any past injuries and/or aches and pains. This will be assessed weekly!

⚡️Progress Assessment

Accurately assess progress both mentally & physically!