Virtual Lifestyle Coaching

⚡️An initial setup call & bi-weekly check-ins with your experienced health and wellness professional

⚡️A fitness training and nutrition program based on your goals, lifestyle, and interests

⚡️One-on-one accountability and support at your fingertips through the ArmstrongFit App

⚡️Monthly progress assessments 

What can you do with the ArmstrongFit App?

-Track your nutrition to increase adherence, upload photos and stats to track progress, contact your trainer for questions and/or concerns, view videos and descriptions of each exercise in your custom training program

to ensure proper execution, etc.

What can your trainer do with the ArmstrongFit App?

-Track your progress and adherence to the program in real time, revise your program on the fly, provide exceptional

accountability and support, etc.

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 Online coaching is NOT recommended for

*Clients who have never exercised           

*High-performance athletes                    

*Clients in any form of rehabilitation!     

If you fall under one or all of these client types, please schedule a free consultation to find which approach is best suited to you!   

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