Online Fitness Training

*Armstrong Fitness App Access 

-Allows you to track your workouts & nutrition on the go, upload photos and stats to track progress, & view videos and descriptions of each exercise in your program!

-Allows your trainer to easily track your progress and adherence to the program, revise your plan on the fly, easily contact you through the messenger within the app, etc. 

*Training Program

-You will receive a training program based on your goals, lifestyle, & interests! 

*Accountability and Support

-No, we will not shame or punish you for eating cake and cookies! NOT OUR STYLE! Actually it is quite the opposite! We hold you accountable, but we also support you through the tough times! We encourage you to eat the foods you want! The goal is for you to find your own personal process to sustainable health, fitness, & happiness which will include delish, yet "not so healthy' foods on occasion!  

 Online coaching is NOT recommended for

*Clients who have never exercised           

*High-performance athletes                    

*Clients in any form of rehabilitation!     

If you fall under one or all of these client types, please schedule a free consultation to find which approach is best suited to you!   

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