Professional In-Person Training

*Armstrong Fitness App Access 

-Allows you to track your workouts & nutrition on the go, upload photos and stats to track progress, & view videos and descriptions of each exercise in your program!

-Allows me to easily track your progress and adherence to the program, revise your plan on the fly, easily contact you through the messenger within the app, etc. 

*Live Initial Movement Assessment

-I will perform an movement assessment to determine fitness level allowing me to create a better program for you!

*Custom Training Program and Nutrition Plan

-Your training program & nutrition plan will be totally unique to you! Your program has not been built yet, but I am here when you are ready!

*Accountability and Support

-No, I will not shame or punish you for eating cake and cookies! NOT MY STYLE! Actually it is quite the opposite! I hold you accountable, but I also support you through the tough times! I encourage you to eat the foods you want! My goal is for you to find your on personal process to sustainable health, fitness, & happiness which will include delish, yet "not so healthy' foods on occasion!  

*Injury Prevention and Recovery

-This will start with the initial movement assessment and  virtual consultation where we will discuss any past injuries and/or aches and pains. This will be assessed weekly!

*Free Armstrong Fitness Tee

-You will receive a bad ass tee with Armstrong Fitness on it somewhere! My hope is that you wear it so that others might look up my services! Thanks!

Optional: Supplement Stack based on your goals

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