My Story

I began my process as a severely overweight 17 year old who was tired of being everyone's "funny, fat friend". You know the guy with a great personality and a beach ball body; that was me! I wanted girls to look at me as a possible boyfriend instead of just a cute "teddy bear" friend! I also wanted to be a starter on my high school football team or at least get to play. I began playing football in 10th grade and had only seen the field a handful of times. I made the decision to change my lifestyle even though I had zero idea what I was doing. I made some minor changes & within a year I was down 70 pounds, I had girls giving me a second look, and I was a starter on the high school football team! I would say I reached my goals! I tell you this story to prove two points:


No goal is silly as long as YOU truly want to reach it, & minor lifestyle changes can lead to BIG body composition changes!


That "girlfriend goal" was only the beginning of my process, & it didn't take long to realize I had found my calling in life! I knew I was meant to be in the fitness industry & after a few more years I realized I was meant to change the fitness industry! As I was learning more through research and application, I was also noticing the perception of fitness going down due to the self proclaimed trainers spreading false information, pyramid schemes praying on uninformed consumers with promises of quick money & health, & sponsored athletes & fitness trainers touting products and promising miracles just for a paycheck! I knew something had to give which is why I have spent the last 15 years of my life optimizing my process so I can now help others do the same through custom process optimization!

Check out my blog, Ramblings, to follow the writing of my autobiography explaining how I ended up as a personal trainer!

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