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I was young, crazy, active, & FAT! Yep, it sucked! When I was around five years old, I gained a massive amount of weight in less than 1 year and it kinda freaked my mom out a little, so we went to the doctor about it! My mother was told that I had a slow metabolism! That's all! ZERO recommendation on how to fix it besides eat less and move more! BS! I was ALWAYS outside playing sports with neighborhood kids or running around the house with my little brother so I certainly could not move more! I ate what I was provided for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a few snacks in between (nothing abnormal for a young child)! How was I to follow the recommendations when as far as my mother new I already was?

Fast forward about 12 years and that "chunky" little kid has blossomed into a 17 year old "fatty" with acne! Just keeps getting better! However, I cannot say that I was bullied because luckily I had a decent personality and new how to make friends! That does not mean it wasn't miserable at times being the fat guy with white bumps all over his face!

Everybody's funny, fat friend!

Sometime around the end of my Junior year, I was done! At this point, I was around 260lbs at an elevated 5'6! Now you see why I said chunk! lol I played football, but I most certainly didn't start! I mean a tree trunk cannot move very fast! I went to my doctor and told him straight up that I needed to know how to drop weight! I wanted my senior year to include a starting position on the football team and maybe a girl who like me a little more than a friend! :)

I was told, "Drink nothing but water!" I thought he was crazy! Back in this time, there were 3 liter sodas & I would go through 1-2 a day if my mother would let me! I had zero idea that the liquid I was consuming was the issue! I went home that day and started only drinking H2O. I was ready to prove the doctor wrong or lose weight!

Long story short, I lost 70 pounds the summer before my Senior year by only changing ONE thing about my lifestyle! I found it very interesting, and this is where it all began!


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