Anthony definitely knows what he is talking about! He works his butt off  to make sure goals are met and clients are happy! He push you further than you thought you could go while being patient and teaching you to trust the process. If you are thinking about trying a personal trainer, you would be crazy not to go with Anthony!

 Tiffany Ash

Brodie Progress.jpg

“Anthony has been absolutely incredible with my son...He has pushed him and helped build his confidence in so many ways! Anthony is more than a trainer, he is a role model! Thank you Anthony for everything!”

 Dana Wright


"Anthony is amazing...He is always there with advice or just to talk. I have experienced amazing results training with him. Would not want to train with anyone else!

Britt Smith


"So, I am going to tell y'all how awesome this cat, Anthony, really is!...he has always been more than happy to answer any questions I have ever had...this guy knows his stuff!

Steven Layton

On one of my lowest days I asked my FB friends if they knew a personal trainer. A friend recommended Anthony. I needed structure. I needed a plan. I needed someone to remind me what I was capable of. My starting weight was 104 lbs. I was mentally and physically drained! After 6 months I weighed in at 116. I'm stronger. I look like myself again and I'm so much happier! I'll admit that if I followed his plan to a T my results would have been much better. Anthony tells his clients all the time that our wins are not just on the scale. Personal training helped me in more ways than he knows! I highly recommend him. He will not only work with you in person, he has online fitness and nutrition plans too. He's flexible and tailored to you! Check him out friends.

Whitney Terry


I have loved my experience with Armstrong Fitness. I am able to ask questions and get quick and accurate answers. I feel like there is personal attention to my specific goals. I know I’m being guided based on my needs and not a one size fits all plan. I like that if I want to try something, Anthony works it in to my plan. He’s realistic and SUPER supportive.

Jessica Joyce

Anthony is a great trainer! I was able to lean out and gain a lot of muscle and strength with him as a coach. His vast knowledge of nutrition and exercise, his positive methods, and his availability to answer questions when I needed him was a huge help in my success. Highly recommend!

Rose Reedy


Anthony is very professional and works with his clients to achieve their goals while guiding them on a healthy lifestyle. Also someone who puts you at total ease, you feel no intimidation whatsoever, and he’s fun to work with but will kick your butt (which is what I needed)

Shea Cameron

"This guy is amazing!...I have a bunch of health issues, and he worked with me on all of them!...He trained so well and was so patient with me!"

Kasidy Smith


Armstrong fitness is the best. Anthony takes time to personally learn each client to know what they need. Whenever help is needed, he will have the answer or find it and make sure you understand. I appreciate the time and effort he puts in with every client and also appreciate the friendship and trust that has built with my time with him. If you are looking for someone who is genuine, professional, and educated, this is your must have!!

Theresa Wright

Anthony is very easy to work with And is a joy to see each week. He takes the time to get to know your needs and trains you accordingly. Pushes me to be better and not just to worry about what the scale says. He also response quickly to any questions or concerns I may have even when we are not in the gym. If you are looking for someone who will care about you...give him a call!

Harmony Matthews


I started working with Anthony 5-6 months ago. He takes a very measured approach with a new client. He asked lots of questions about my workout history and personal goals. He also asked about any injuries (torn rotator cuff in my case) that would require special attention in the program. For the first month or so the workouts were focused on general conditioning and determining my strengths and weaknesses in order to set a base line for measuring progress. His careful planning and attention to detail has resulted in real progress toward my goals. I highly recommend Armstrong Fitness Process whether you are experienced but want a fresh perspective or brand new but nervous about taking the plunge. Anthony will develop a program to meet your personal needs.

Fred Keith