You are a busy person that wants to get back in shape or possibly get into shape for the first time! Either way, it's pretty awesome, and I'm glad you have stumbled upon my page! I will show you how to make fitness work for YOU! The fitness industry is full of scams & false information and somehow you have been lucky enough to dodge it all and make it to a land of fitness truths! The best part is these truths are going to make your fitness life so much more enjoyable! 

My style is very different from most fitness trainers you will run across! Some of the stuff you see or hear from me may sound crazy due to the fact you have heard the opposite for so many years from so many people! Just because many believe it doesn't make it truth!

Are you currently where you want to be physically & mentally?

If the answer is no, you are at the right place!

We work together to build a process unique to you that will assist you in reaching your health & fitness goals in a way that is sustainable with your lifestyle.

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