The AF Process


The Armstrong Fitness Process is a small group training system

that allows you to safely & effectively increase your health

and wellness in a group environment conducive to your success!

You will complete an initial consultation with an experienced health and wellness professional to discuss your goals and assess your fitness level. If your trainer and you feel that you are a good fit for our system, we can get you setup and going right away.

AFP Group Training is trainer lead small group classes with emphasis on strength, hypertrophy, fat loss & cardiovascular endurance. We will move at a safe but quick pace through exercises including multiple squat, deadlift, & press variations, battle ropes, sled push, sled drag, tire flips, farmer walks, push ups, pull ups, etc. Don't let the exercise names scare you. They are all actually pretty fun & challenging once you learn the correct execution. 


Need a little practice before you jump into the group training?

No Problem! Sign up for one of our onboarding classes directly from the app just as you would your group training. 

AFP Onboarding is trainer lead small group classes with emphasis on mobility, flexibility, balance, and exercise execution in preparation for AFP Group Training.


*All Tiers include ArmstrongFit App access, one-on-one support, progress assessments, & nutrition guidance.


Training Sessions will be performed at Armstrong Fitness & Nutrition, LLC located in Warrior, AL.

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