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I have been exactly where you are now! You are ready to make a change, but you have no idea where to start or what to do!  I FEEL YOUR PAIN & KNOW HOW TO EASE IT FOR YOU!

The Armstrong Fitness Process is designed specifically for busy professionals, stressed out parents, & anyone who feels like they have tried everything! I am dedicated to cleaning up the perception of fitness & providing you all the tools you need to create an 


I offer a wide range of fitness services aimed at improving your physical and mental fitness including

in-person fitness training, traveling trainer services, virtual fitness coaching, & nutrition consulting

 I will show you how to reach your goals while still enjoying life and maintaining health.

A Custom Fitness Experience

I began my process as a severely overweight 17 year old who was tired of being everyone's "funny, fat friend". You know the guy with a great personality and a beach ball body; that was me! I wanted girls to look at me as a possible boyfriend instead of just a cute "teddy bear" friend! I also wanted to be a starter on my high school football team or at least get to play. I began playing football in 10th grade and had only seen the field a handful of times. I made the decision to change my lifestyle even though I had zero idea what I was doing. I made some minor changes & within a year I was down 70 pounds, I had girls giving me a second look, and I was a starter on the high school football team! I would say I reached my goals! I tell you this story to prove two points: No goal is silly as long as YOU truly want to reach it, & minor lifestyle changes can lead to BIG body composition changes!


That "girlfriend goal" was only the beginning of my process, & it didn't take long to realize I had found my calling in life! I knew I was meant to be in the fitness industry & after a few more years I realized I was meant to change the fitness industry! As I was learning more through research and application, I was also noticing the perception of fitness going down due to the self proclaimed trainers spreading false information, pyramid schemes praying on uninformed consumers with promises of quick money & health, & sponsored athletes & fitness trainers touting products and promising miracles just for a paycheck! I knew something had to give which is why I have spent the last 15 years of my life optimizing my process so I can now help others do the same through custom process optimization

I am here to ensure that you reach your goals & maintain success which is why I build your program around your lifestyle! 

Whether we train at the gym, at your home, at the park next door, or through virtual coaching, I guarantee you will reach your goals and actually enjoy the process!



New Things Going On.....

AF Traveling Trainer

Central Alabama's Premiere Fitness Trainer Comes To You!


Do you want to reach your fitness goals but have a super busy lifestyle? No worries!

Now Armstrong Fitness will come to you! 


Do you want to get fit & healthy, but it is almost impossible for you to make it to the gym?

AF Traveling Trainer allows even the busiest professionals to receive exceptional 1-on-1 fitness training  while also removing the stress of finding time for the gym!  

I build the program and bring the equipment!


You tell me whether you want to train at the office, in your living room, at the park by your house, etc. 

Have a question? Just ask!