A Comfortable Place To Get Uncomfortable

You want to ....

  • ease a few aches and pains & drop a few medications from your daily routine.

  • have more energy to play with your kids or grandkids.

  • fit on rides at theme parks and fly in an airplane comfortably using only one seat.

  • release daily stressors & push yourself to do something you have never done before.

  • train with a community that truly cares about your success.

  • live your best life for as long as possible.

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We'll help you find a membership that works for your goals and your lifestyle.

Speak with a trainer to learn more about which program could benefit you.

Our Core Memberships

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Getting started is easy.

Meet with a trainer and decide on a membership.

Schedule your first session & start getting results!

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What can you do with the ArmstrongFit App?

-Track your nutrition to increase adherence, upload photos and stats to track progress, contact your trainer for questions and/or concerns, view videos and descriptions of each exercise in your training program to ensure proper execution, purchase group training & open gym memberships, etc.

What can your trainer do with the ArmstrongFit App?

-Track your progress and adherence to the program in real time, revise your program on the fly, provide exceptional accountability and support, etc.